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route 66 motorcycle tour on Harley Roys Diner

Route 66 Motorcycle Tour.  Ride Historic Route 66 from Chicago to LA on a guided motorcycle tour USA  down the Mother Road of America on a Harley Davidson motorcycle.    Explore old Rt 66, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, and more with the Oldest Motorcycle Tour Company in the USA.  Fully Insured.  

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rt 66 chicago to la Motorcycle Tour

See the Route 66 Guided Motorcycle Tour from Chicago to Los Angeles with Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon 15 Day Option.  Or for a shorter Route 66 trip, you can join on a motorcycle the portion from Albuquerque to LA on Route 66.  This is a 10 Day Tour.

What is different about Ride Free Chicago to LA Motorcycle Tour Route:  We typically run smaller more personalized tours than other Chicago to LA Motorcycle Tour Companies. We stay at the top of the Grand Canyon for the sunset and sunrise, unlike most tours who only stay only at the bottom.  We also spend a whole day at the Grand Canyon the next day giving time for a helicopter ride or donkey ride, then ride to the bottom so we have more time on an amazing part of Route 66 the next day.  We also get to Vegas early so you have a full afternoon and relaxed evening in Las Vegas.

RT 66 Chicago to LA  All Inclusive –
Motorcycle return fee included at no extra charge to you (Chicago starts only),  some Breakfast, Gas, Tour Guides, Support Vehicle, National Park Fees, Motorcycle, Lodging.    Not included: Optional Helicopter ride at the Grand Canyon, insurance options, lunch and dinners, tour guide gratuity.
Since we don’t normally stay in the generic chain hotels that have the small continental breakfast like most tour companies, but smaller more unique accommodations when possible, a breakfast is not included all mornings.

Self Guided / Drive – Motorcycle, Route, Lodging, Daily Itinerary, Support


Pre Rt 66 Trip to Harley-Davidson Museum and Factory Tour in Milwaukee
This pre trip is available as an option on our Route 66 tours.   We take a couple days and see where Harley’s are born!

Option 1 – 15 Day 14 Night – Traditional  Classic Route 66 Motorcycle Tour
This is the Traditional Route 66  Chicago to LA Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tour.  Ride Free includes almost a full day at The Grand Canyon on this motorbike trip across America, or explore the area on your bike that day.  And, we arrive early to Las Vegas so you have a full afternoon and night in Las Vegas, or we can ride the Red Rock Canyon by Vegas or The Valley of fire. Optional helicopter ride at Grand Canyon. This is what most motorcycle tour companies run, but we highly suggest the 16 day or 17 day tour.  They turn the trip from a mission feel where you just don’t have the time you wish you had every day, into the motorcycle tour experience you were hoping for.  It is not that our 16 day Rt 66 route is longer in mileage, we just give you more time to see the things you came to see, and not be exhausted like the other tours we see on the road.

Option 2 – 16 Day 15 Night – Ultra Route 66 Motorcycle Tour – or 17 day Ultimate Explorer
This is the traditional Route 66 Chicago to Los Angeles Motorcycle Tour, BUT with a couple of extras.
We explore Rt 66 where most tours ride right by, and we add days so we have time to explore more without days being too long on our motorcycles.  # Wil highly recommends this over any 15 day Rt 66 Route.
We add a day in the middle of the trip = shortens the riding days.  Our 15 day is the industry standard, but there are some very long riding day, if you add a riding, it will make the 3 long days into 4 nice days.   Well worth it.  Or add 2 extra riding days for a 17 day Route 66 Motorcycle Tour, and is even more relaxing.   This is how Wil would choose to do it every time.  You are only doing this once, believe me now or later…
## Note:  don’t let the mileage fool you, much of our trip exploring  is slow moving and takes a long time.  And, you don’t want to miss all the history and attractions.

Option 3 – 13 Day 12 Night – Chicago to Las Vegas Rt 66 Motorcycle Tour
This motorcycle trip across America is the same as the Traditional Chicago to LA Route 66 Harley-Davidson
motorcycle tour, but we ride our motorbikes Chicago to Las Vegas on Route 66.   

Option 4 – 10 Day 9 Night – Chicago to Albuquerque Rt 66 Motorcycle Tour
This motorcycle trip across America is the same as the Ultra  Chicago to LA Route 66 Harley-Davidson
motorcycle tour, but we ride our motorbikes Chicago to Santa Fe / Albuquerque on Route 66.

Option 5 – 9 Day 8 Night – Albuquerque to Los Angeles Rt 66 Motorcycle Tour
This motorcycle trip across America is the same as the Ultra Chicago to LA Route 66 Harley-Davidson
motorcycle tour, but we ride our motorbikes Albuquerque / Santa Fe  to Los Angeles on Route 66.

Option 6 – 19 Day 18 Night – Chicago to Los Angeles Ultimate Rt 66 Motorcycle Tour
Add Harley Museum and Las Vegas Layover
This Rt 66 motorcycle trip across America is the same as the relaxed 17 day Ultimate Chicago to LA Route 66 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Tour, except we add in a stop at the Harley Davidson Museum in Milwaukee and a  layover day in Las Vegas.
If you want to go no holds barred on your motorbike experience of a lifetime, this is the trip for you. It still also has the layover day in Santa Fe.  You will have time to see so much on your trip, and with the layover days, you will be much less fatigued and tired than the 15 day trip.


15 Day - Rt 66 - Traditional
ITINERARY (click for details )

We highly suggest our 16 or 17 Day Rt 66 Option, itinerary below.  The days are long with so much to see, the 15 day is much more grueling than you would expect.  Do the 16 day and we divide the longest 15 tour day in half.  So much better, it is unbelievable till you do it.   Trust me.  Believe me now or later…

16 Day - Ultra Rt 66 Motorcycle Tour
ITINERARY (click for details )
17 Day - Ultimate Rt 66 Motorcycle Tour
Route 66 Motorbike Tour Dates (click for details )
Route 66 Motorbike Tour Pricing (click for details )
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