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Why Choose Our Muscle Cars?

Why Choose Our Muscle Cars?

Personal Attention

As the owner of RIDE FREE, I will personally do all I can to make sure you have a trip of a lifetime. You can call and talk to me directly before, during, or after your trip. We are small enough that every single person matters to myself and my family.  See our TripAdvisor. READ MORE

Drive an American Muscle Car

When you book a muscle car rental, self guided tour, or guided tour with RIDE FREE, you will receive the actual vehicle you book. We are the only company I know of that books your specific muscle car.  We ensure you get the car of your dreams for your dream trip.  You can call us direct and ask questions. READ MORE


RIDE FREE has been doing tours since 1993.  We know the roads and places you are going. If you need help, we have been helping people on the road get back going that long also. Don't know where you are?  Just text me a picture and we can probably tell you where you are. We are in this country, so we are available to help you if needed. Want a self guided or guided tour, we know the good places and stops. READ MORE