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Self Drive Tours


Day 1 – Vancouver Arrive – Meet at 3pm, orientation pick up bikes

Today we all meet for the first time. We will talk about our great journey before us. Then we will gather our motorcycles and get to know them. Tonight we celebrate the beginning of our trip with our first dinner together.

Day 2 – Vancouver to Peachland, BC – 4hr 5 mins – 234 miles

We fire up our motorcycles this morning and head out of the city towards the mountains. Before you know it will we be turning our motorcycles off the main road to the twisty mountain roads climbing through the hills. Then we will be riding along beautiful mountain lakes on little abandoned roads. Beautiful.

Day 3 – Peachland to NAKUSP – 4 hr 1 min – 168 miles

More beautiful riding through rolling mountains and along amazing mountain lakes. We even use a ferry to cross today. The scenery just keeps going and going. How about a steak tonight as we talk about the wildlife.

Day 4 – NAKUSP TO REVELSTOKE – 1 HR 37 MINS 63 MILES (plus fairy crossing time)

Today we have gotten some good riding in, so time to slow it down and do some exploring on and off our motorcycles. After some more riding we take another fairy, then stop at an amazing park on the way today. We can walk to a beautiful mountain water fall, take a scenic rest, or a little hike. Don’t chase the bears! Then we ride amazing scenery and arrive in the mountain community Revelstoke early after lunch.

Day 5 – Revelstoke to Golden – 1 hr 52 mins – 93 miles

We really take it easy this morning. There is a neat train museum in town, as well as some other museums and cool things to explore in town. Take a gondola ride up a mountain? We will hang around town until lunchtime. Want to do some exploring on the bikes, we can do that too…. For those that want to ride more, we can get plenty of that while others do activities if you like.

Day 6 – Golden to Banff 2hr 55 min – 253 km – or fast 1.5 hour route option to Banff

We can keep today short, or we can ride another unbelievable mountain ride through Baniff National Park to Banff . Let’s check the weather, see how we feel, and we will make a great day. The Gondola can take you to up the mountain, and is said to be one of the best chances to see a Grizzly Bear! Banff is full of fun and shopping. Most of this trip we are in very remote places, but this is our night out on the town.

Day 7 – Banff to Jasper – 3hr 58 mins – 298 km –

Lots of wildlife to see on this motorcycle tour. But don’t fish with the bears! MaMa might not be happy! Lets jump on our Harley Davidson Motorcycles and take another nice ride today. By now riding in this fantasy motorcycle land almost seems normal! How about we stop our motorcycles and tour a giant Glacier!

DAY 8 – Jasper to Valemount – 1 hr 25 mins – 76 miles spend the morning at Jasper, then ride to Valemount in afternoon

The Jasper Sky Tram is a must do. It is like flying. Amazing. We can take the tram way way up in the sky. Then relax and take in the views, or hike around on top of the mountain. Now lets take another scenic motorcycle ride. We will make some good little stops along the way. Again, remember, if we have perfect sunny weather and the group wants to so some more riding, we an do so. Or after we get to our destination early, those that want to do an exploration ride while others explore on foot, that is an option. But let’s also get to Valemount because we have a special treat. Around this time of year the salmon are running! We will ride our bikes over then watch the salmon run if we are lucky. Maybe even see the salmon being eaten by bears!

Day 9 – Valemount to Clearwater = 2 hours 4 min – 121 miles – or 4 hour route to see the falls

Hmmm. What should we do today? Let’s fire our motorcycles up early either way. The first option is to head to Clearwater early and get there for a afternoon of relaxation or hiking. Or we can do a full day of incredible motorcycle riding and explore some smaller roads and a famous waterfall! Too many great options!

Day 10 – Clearwater to Lillooet – 4 hr 25 min – 172 miles

More waterfalls, mountains, great motorcycle roads, empty roads, what else do we want. We get a nice day of riding today. These mountains don’t end!

Day 11 – Lillooet to Vancouver – 3 hr 41 mins – 165 miles – we take the Whistler route –

This is the final day on tour. We fire up our motorcycles and head for Vancouver. But, there is still lots of adventure left. We drive through the tall mountains and stop at the famous ski resort town Whistler along the way. This is a great final drive on our trip. This afternoon we turn in our motorcycle rentals, and celebrate tonight a successful completion of a Canadian Rockies Motorcycle Tour. We have seen a lot. Tons of wildlife, amazing scenic mountains, and all by motorcycle on some of the best riding roads out there. We will have these memories forever.