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This is a description of the Tour by a group from Poland on a Ride Free Guided Motorcycle Tour in April 2012..

A movie they made.

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USA 2012

Cruise A380 Lufthansa brought us to San Francisco on a beautiful, sunny Saturday. Even after leaving the terminal, we had the opportunity to see why SF is called the “Windy City”. In our two days that spent on acclimatization and sightseeing, installed in the Hyat at Wharf. Within walking we Pier 39 – quay offering the possibility of rapid assimilation of all the “enhancements” Amerki and beautiful views of the Golden Gate and Alcatraz.


On Monday morning we went to pick up our bikes. Most of the brand new, all prepared according to individual orders. We say goodbye SF and head south the famous Pacific Coast Highway 1 toward Monterey. We ride a narrow strip of land squeezed between the mountains and the ocean. It is warm, sunny and just beautiful. Walking pace does not bother anyone, we look forward to the first kilometers nawijanymi after a looong winter. In the late afternoon we reach Monterey, quick dinner at the yacht harbor and back to the hotel, where the excess of the recycle yard free zone.


After a light breakfast, we set off in the direction of San Louis Obispo. Beautiful architecture and well-groomed, even planned greenery on the outskirts of Monterey beautifully harmonizes with the dunes, cliffs and azure ocean. We admire the famous mansions of the way of the world, hung on the edge sometimes klfu, sometimes beautifully integrated into the sandy dunes and wooded valleys. The road rises and makes becoming more and more j winding. We get to Big Sur. This is a fantastic place where the Santa Lucia mountains seem to grow directly out of the ocean will always remain in our memory. We move on drunk scene and moist ocean breezes. Sometimes moisture creates a recumbent, large areas of white mist. We admire this phenomenon in advance with the sensation of flight above the clouds. At the place we get relaxed in a fantastic mood. In the evening, after dinner, delicious California-style fusion, finish the evening cataloging newly discovered types of Jack Daniels.

In the morning we take a direction to the City of Angels. Beautiful way gradually reduced, and palm trees and beaches begin to displace mountain views. In Santa Barbara, we enter a short break at the end of a beautiful pier. Just before the Malibu we are lucky to watch a herd of whales off the road śmigających slowly in the opposite direction. Installing the evening at the beach in Santa Monica just a few steps from the famous pier, where Route 66 ends For dinner buckets various seafoodów crush and treat overeating walking along the promenade.

We do day off turning on the air-conditioned bus, motorcycle and explore all day Hollywood and other attractions hot Los Angeles. Finish the day in most Italian pub in the world. Italian from the floor to the top of the ceiling. The compact column leave LA highway wider than the runway. We stop at the foot of the mountains, to adapt to the fast-growing wardrobe temperature. San Bernardino Mountains are our beautiful winding roads at a height of over 3000 meters, a beautiful long corners invite you to actively drive. Before the Big Bear Lake area of snow we get to where we are cooling hot sun head and shoulders sometimes two meter snow drifts. Check-in at the Marina Resort on the lake, spontaneously decide to replace the planned barbecue dinner on the beach. Quick invasion in the local ” GS “and so we have the opportunity Radek półmetrowymi enjoy steaks, salmon, and other specialties zębaczami which amazes our master not only us, but our guides.

We start to Lake Havasu. Descend from the mountains to the desert Mojawe and thermometer pointer behaves like a watch. Temperature exceeds 40 for C, consume supplies of water and ice from the bus not only to drink, but cool t-shirts and helmets. Now we see the true “Route 66”, drawn to the mountains, the fiery hell of the Mojave Desert. Jouzego Trees and bushes rickety gray is the only vegetation builds the mood of the majestic scenery. We pass the famous “Bagdad Cafe”, we stop at Roy’s, because the temperature in the shade begins to come to 50 for C. Supplement the supply of water and ice, and we took pictures on the hot asphalt. Jackets have long landed in the luggage, now the windows of the bus flying motorcycles, helmets and even T-shirts. We use filters of 70 or 90 gallons of water to pack the bikes and we move on. Often we see the “dust devils” – small tornadoes floating sand dust and small debris. We’ve been racing with them trying to get us air flowing though a bit cool. But still like to ride in a giant stream of the dryer. To reach Lake Havasu evening late in the afternoon but does not provide specific relief. After dinner, the strongest two motorboats sail after the great plunged in the darkness of the lake.

The next day, prepared mentally for the heat, we set off Route 66 in the Black Hills. We stop in Oatman – having a charming town in the Wild West spirit yet. The road has no equal. Black Mountains is a place created for motorcyclists. To the sounds of “Turn the page” Metallica loosen chic and small groups tailored to your preferred speed climb up and down the tight curves of the rocky cliffs. I am fortunate to lead a group for a while so I cast the first run before the turn and the world leans more and more with the growing rumble of the furnace my 103 inch Electra. I let the gas and put the burden of the body and top dutifully wander to the other side and so on alternately, until the intersection with Interstate 40-Unit several miles away. At the height of the Hoover Dam stops temperatures fall even in the U.S. scales thermometers our Electr. We get to Las Vegas exhausted. A few days anchor-famous Bellagio hotel and casino in the heart of The Strip. Refreshed and refreshed inventory of luggage admire the beautiful fountains in front of Bellagio and we go to dinner at the Harley-Davidson Cafe, where almost homely atmosphere test their delicious menu.

The next day rest, we visit, we make shopping for motorcycles or an air-conditioned limousine – if you will, complete relaxation. In the evening, “Night of Poles call” event in a limousine or at the roulette table. Morning bus takes us to a private airport in Vegas, where two small planes flying to the Grand Canyon. Some of us on the plane arrive directly from the event. Admire the majestic canyon of land and entrusted. Convenient helicopters take us over the remote and inaccessible areas so that we can fully appreciate the vastness and majesty of this miracle of nature. Such moments help us all gain a suitable distance for life and our problems. We return in the evening and throw himself into the life of this vibrant 24-hour city.


Morning flu C 2 H 5 OH J does not allow some to start a smaller group so we go to Death Valley. Seasoned driving through the Mojave, bravely endure heat and all the attention we devote to enjoy the beautiful natural circumstances. Panorama of Zabriskie Point reminds us of the beautiful moments in Cappadocia, and Badwater Basin opens up a magnificent panorama of the great plains covered with salt. Wanders around visiting the charming town, a smaller group we allow ourselves time to rush at breakneck speed using long, straight, and the vast expanse around. In the evening, tired but happy to go back to Vegas. We pack our bags and say goodbye memories beautifully fragrant flowers Bellagio million plane and head to New York.


We stop in at the Crownie Plaza Times Square, visit the Upper Manhattan ending a long day dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. The next day, we get to know the charms slowly circling the Noweg York Lower Manhattan. We admire the Freedom Tower, which was built just last floor. We walk in the canyons created by the great skyscrapers, listen to the noise of money on Wall Street and finish the day cruise on the Hudson River. In the evening we place on the plane to Frankfurt. This last evening together we devote to gather impressions and memories so that you remember the most from this fantastic trip. And, as usual, only Henry asks: “ascend to the clinic?” …