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Classic Car Tour and Rental FAQ

We’ve compiled a list of most frequently asked questions to help you in your decision to book a tour with us. If you don’t find a question you have in mind listed below, feel free to Contact Us Here

Q: What is included in the Classic Car Tours?

A: This includes: classic car, lodging, route, tour guide leading in a hot rod, support car hauler with spare classic car, mobile shop, parts, welder, and mechanic.
Does not include: insurance, gas, food, tour guide gratuity, entrance fees, extra activities, or anything not listed as included.

Q: How do meals work?

A: Ride Free will arrange options for all meals. Participants pay for all of their own meals. You can either eat with the group, or eat at one of the other options. Or walk around to your own options.

Alcohol – You pay for your own alcohol – No alcohol until the cars are parked at the end of the day.

At Ride Free we want you to really experience the culture of the area. That is why we choose to stay in clean lodging with character, and to eat a local spots. Often we meet really neat people along the way at these spots.

It is about the unexpected people and experiences along the way. Not about point A to B follow the leader.

Q: What do I need to drive a classic car in a tour?

A: To drive one of our classic cars you need:

  • An automobile drivers license (from any country).
  • Driving experience to a competent level.
  • To be 25 years of age or older.

Contact us, I am very happy to answer any questions and to walk you through the process..

Q: What About Insurance?

A: There are a number of different insurance options.

Q: What kind of classic car can I drive on a tour?

A: We have a lots of different types of classic cars. Most are convertibles. Also, the majority are American Classic Cars like: 1965 Mustang, 1969 Camaro, 1964 Implala, 1929 Ford Roadster, 1932 Ford Roadster, 1960 Cadillac, 1936 Ford, 1953 Chevy truck.

Our cars are supplied through our Classic Car Dealership and Shop Sakowski Motors www.sakowskimotors.com.

The cars are extremely prepped for tour duty. They are mechanically maintained will beyond most cars for reliability and safety. Before each tour, each car is taken off the road for an extensive grueling 300 point inspection and test drive. Many of these cars are also upgraded to power disc brakes and steering, as well as radial tires. That way they are much easier for anyone to drive.

Q: Can I bring my partner on a tour?

A: Yes. You can invite as many people to come on tour as space allows.

Q: Can I bring my own Classic Car on tour?

A: This is looked at by a case to case situation depending on whether the tour is at capacity or not. Also, the vehicle itself. The Ride Free Cars are prepped far beyond other classic cars. I am happy to talk to you about your car, and what we need to do to be able to include you and your car. The main tour can not be held up by people’s personal vehicles. We can supply a second car carrier if you like for you and your friend’s cars on tour. Again, just give me a call. I am happy to see what we can do.

Q: What do I need to bring on a tour?

A: You have a lot of trunk space on most cars, so about anything you want! We will let you know before your tour what you should bring depending on the time of year.

Mornings and evenings can be brisk if you have the top down. Some warm gear year round for the early mornings on Coast trips, and Spring and Fall RT 66 trips. Some light windbreaker/gear is easy and great to have.

Some common items include:

  • Sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Windbreaker / gear
  • Sense of adventure
  • SPF 50 Sun Block

Q: How much money do I need to bring on a tour?

A: You will need money for the following, and possibly more: I am happy to talk to you and help you estimate your total expense for the trip and car your choose.

  • Snacks and Food
  • Gas for your vehicle
  • All meals
  • Park fees and activities you might want to do.

Q: Where will we sleep on the tour?

A: Lodging ranges from 4 star hotels in Vegas, motels in Hollister, to camping in the middle of nowhere ( Camping is ONLY on custom camping tours ). Most tours include resort hotels and motels.

When available we stay at the places with the most character. I prefer the old vintage places from a bygone era with
lots of character. If we are doing a ride for your group, we can go any level when available.

Cleanliness of a hotel in very important to Ride Free.

We normally share rooms, 2 people in separate beds, per room. Couples will have their own room.
We do this to keep cost reasonable. Most people enjoy sharing a room with someone else on this adventure. We always have great people on tour with us. Your own personal room can be easily available at an extra room cost, just let us know ahead of time so we can arrange it if you like. Or, decide on tour if extra rooms are available.

Hotels Before and After Tour – We can arrange your hotel before and after the tour for you in the hotel we stay in. We suggest arriving at least a night before the first LA night and start of tour, and stay at least one extra night after the last day.

You will want your rest before and after the tour. Don’t let a delayed flight ruin your trip. Also, on the last day, it is
possible to finish late in the day instead of lunch if we had a breakdown etc.

Q: If I have a motorcycle, can I ride it on one of your Classic Car Tours?

A: We look at this on a case to case situation. This is usually when some friends want to ride, and others want to drive a classic car. Usually yes is the answer. Since this is a classic car tour, you must ride behind the classic cars at all times. Or far ahead of the group of cars so that the bike is not a disturbance to the cruise.

Q: Is airfare included in the tour cost? What about the arrival details?

A: No. Your tour begins in the destination city the day of the tour. Arrangements can be made for early hotel accommodations, upon request. Also, we can book your hotel for days after the tour. The hotel we use is close to the airport, and has a shuttle to and from the airport, and to Manhattan and Hermosa Beach if you are in LA. If LA is the arrival city, you will want to fly into the LAX airport on tours that start in Los Angeles. We suggest arriving a couple of days early, and leaving a couple of days after the tour so you have time to rest before and after the tour.

Q: If I make a deposit, when is my final payment due?

A: If you reserve a tour with a deposit, your final payment will be due 90 days prior to your reserved tour date.

It is best to get your deposit in as soon as possible so we can provide you with the best tour possible, and to reserve your spot.

Q: How Do I Pay for the Tour?

A: Your deposit is $2500 per person. Contact us to arrange deposit and final amount payments.

Q: Can I get a refund on my deposit?

A: No. Due to the nature of classic car tours, and everything that goes into preparation and planning for a tour. No refunds on deposits are given. It is a good idea to check into travel trip cancellation insurance in case you are unable to make your tour.