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California Motorcycle Tour

California Motorcycle Tour. California Pacific Coast Highway Big Sur Yosemite Harley Motorcycle Tour

1 week: LA     California Sierra Nevada Mountains     Yosemite National Park     San Francisco    Pacific Coast Highway    Big Sur     Monterey     Cambria     Santa Barbara    LA

2 week:  add Northern California, Tahoe,  Northern Sierra Nevada, more mountains, more coast 

Join Ride Free California Motorcycle tours as we ride California for a week on a Harley motorcycle  tour through some of the most famed motorcycle roads in California and the Western United States as we travel the historic PCH / California Pacific Coast Highway and the 101 on our way to visit the California Coast, Yosemite National Park, San Francisco, Monterey, Cambria, Ventura, and Los Angeles on our motorcycle tour.

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What really makes a Ride Free Adventure is The Team, check out our crew.  Our love for being on the road on a motorcycle adventure with great people from around the world, is what it is all about for us.

9, 10, 11 Day Options –
On the 10 and 11 Day Options we spend more time in the Sierra Nevada Mountains or California Coast – Highly Suggest

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Day 1 – Los Angeles, California or Las Vegas Start Option
Meet your fellow riders from around the globe and the Ride Free Motorcycle  Tour Team  early in the afternoon in the California hotel lobby for introductions and briefing.  The Ride Free Tour Team will pick you up at the hotel and head right down the road to pick up your bike at the rental shop.  We will then have a shake down cruise to our first group dinner at our favorite local spot at the beach or The Strip in Vegas.  After dinner, the Ride Free Tour Team will give a brief orientation and answer any questions about the exciting California PCH Motorcycle ride to come. Get a good night’s sleep, as we have a big week ahead.

California Big Sur Motorcycle Tour


Day 2 – Los Angeles or Las Vegas / Death Valley to Lone Pine, California
(in Spring this route varies depending on snow conditions on the passes )

We have our bikes broken in from yesterday’s ride, and we are ready to go.  After a full safety briefing, the group will saddle up and rumble through the streets of Los Angeles as we stretch towards the warm California desert. This great city will quickly fade from our side mirrors as we motor past the throngs of drivers stuck within the confines of their cars and SUV’s. They all wish they were one of us as they wonder to themselves where we are headed on our journey. One thing is for certain, they have no idea of the satisfaction you feel as the sun rises higher into the sky and a life changing adventure calls you from the distance. This is the day you have been waiting for. Smile and let it all soak in.

On the Vegas Start: We pick up the motorcycles early and climb the mountains behind Las Vegas, leaving the still sleeping Vegas Strip behind. Get up and shake off the glitter of Las Vegas because we are about to take a journey to one of the most unforgiving and magnificent places on the planet, Death Valley. It is going to be hot, ( depending on the time of the year ) but it will also be amazing as we enter the confines of Death Valley, one of the few habitable places on Earth that actually drops below sea level. Your Ride Free Motorcycle Tour Team will make plenty of stops to re hydrate and soak in the unbelievable sights.

Our final destination today is Lone Pine, California; a tiny town nestled into the base of Mt. Whitney, the highest peak in the state of California. Los Angeles is a memory as you take in the perfect night air of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range and the warm welcome of this unique town.

Day 3 – Lone Pine, California to Yosemite National Park
( this route varies depending on snow conditions on the passes )

Yosemite National Park is, without a doubt, one of the most visually stunning natural wonders in North America. We will enter the California Park from the west entrance on our Harley Davidson motorcycles and cross Tioga Pass at an elevation of almost 9,000 feet as we cruise along crystal clear mountain lakes and peaks that are hanging on to their last remnants of snow. The sun is warm and the air is fresh as Yosemite Valley and El Capitan still lie ahead. The sun climbs into the sky as we open to the endless green meadows of the valley floor. Lunch today is on a picnic bench under the shade of a giant Redwood. No cell phones, no rush hour, no worries. Today is about you and about this place.

Day 4 – Yosemite to San Francisco, California

Today will take  and your motorcycle on tour from the serenity of Yosemite to the cool and vibrant streets of San Francisco, California. We’ll ride or motorcycles through the Northern California countryside for a nice stretch before we drop down towards Sausalito on the Pacific Coast Highway along the California coast. Soon we’ll be perched on a high peak to gaze over The Golden Gate Bridge before riding your Harley Davidson across and into the heart of the San Francisco Bay and Ghirardelli Square. From here everything that San Francisco and the surrounding area have to offer is at your fingertips. The Ride Free Tour Team has a few favorite spots we like to hit for dinner and some great blues and jazz music. We can’t wait to share this exciting city with you. We take a ride on the cable car, and do some exploration of Fisherman’s Wharf where we stay for the night.

Day 5 – San Francisco to Monterey, California

We start the day off lazy with some coffee and some more time walking around San Francisco. This is a relaxed morning. A nice walk over to the famous cable car, and we hop on for an incredible ride downtown where we do some exploring and shopping. Then we regroup and ride the cable car one more time back to Fishermans Wharf.

Late in the morning we turn our journey south and start the first of four days of riding our motorcycles on California’s Pacific Coast Highway 1, a long stretch of winding ocean side highway. PCH 1 is a motorcycle rider’s dream; pure and simple.


This day also offers one of the best lunch spots of the trip, Hollister, California. The Hollister motorcycle riot and subsequent movie, “The Wild Ones”, starring a young Marlon Brando, is considered by motorcycle historians to have catapulted the “outlaw biker” lifestyle into the public eye. We’ll step back in history as we settle in for lunch at Johnny’s Bar, a small pub in the center of Hollister that was the backdrop for one of the most famous motorcycle scenes in the history of Hollywood.

From Hollister, it is just a short hop down the hill past Carmel (the coastal city where Clint Eastwood was Mayor) and down the California coast on motorcycle riding the PCH to Monterey Bay. Monterey’s Cannery Row and world famous aquarium have been favorite spots of the Ride Free family for years. You will love this quintessential California coastal town.

Day 6 – Monterey to Cambria, California per PCH Highway – BIG SUR !

The Ride Free Guided Tour Team gets to sleep a little late this morning as we do not leave Monterey until 12:00pm. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy Cannery Row for some great food or tour the famous Monterey Aquarium. There is actually plenty of time for both if you like.

Now, get ready for an amazing day on this PCH motorcycle tour. Within the first few miles we will hug hair pin corners as we cruise the sea side cliffs that open to the Pacific Ocean. We will stop often to take in the scenery and many opportunities for breathtaking photos and video. Riding the Big Sur California Coast is something that has to be experienced to fully appreciate the views. Today is not a view here and a view there. Today’s ride is a visual sensation from start to finish.

Cruise right on the coast. Sometimes so close to the ocean spray might hit us, then we are high on cliffs! Lots of marine life to see.

The motorbike group will make one last stop before settling in for the night in the small sea side town of Cambria. We’ll have the rare opportunity to get up close and personal with giant Elephant Seals in their natural habitat. The term “couch potato” takes on a whole new meaning when you see thirty of these giants lounging poolside on the beach. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

Big Sur Motorcycle Tour

Day 7 – Cambria to Santa Barbara, California

We will get an early start this morning because we start the day walking down to the beach to take in the sites.   After a ride along the California coast we will turn inland for a stunning ride through the foothills of Santa Barbara before dropping back down and into one of the most beautiful cities in Southern California.

But first lunch today at one of our hidden away spots.  Then we head to the famous Santa Barbara Pier! Heads will turn as the Ride Free group rumbles down the wooded planks of the pier to park our bikes 1/8 mile over the Pacific Ocean. We will be sure to leave plenty of time for souvenir shopping after our walking around the pier.  Most of the group usually leaves Santa Barbara Pier with a couple of bags of fresh hand pulled taffy and t-shirts for their kids and family back home.   Tonight we have fun and relax in Santa Barbara.

Day 8 – Santa Barbara to Los Angeles

We still have a full day ahead of us. We spend the day hanging out at the famous local surfing spots on the PCH highway and 2 of the most visited bike hangouts. Keep an eye out for Jay Leno.

Live as a local today.

We’ll get an early jump on the day and continue our motorcycle journey along the Pacific Ocean on the 101 and Pacific Coast Highway as we point our bikes south towards Malibu Beach as we rumble past the long row of celebrity homes that line this world famous stretch of sand. We pass the Santa Monica Pier, and cruise along the coast right past Venice Beach. A late Lunch today is at the Ride Free Tour Team’s favorite L.A. eatery. We will have plenty of time to reflect on the experience we shared together and, most likely, will start planting the seeds for our next adventure together.

After a late lunch we head back along the beach for one last walk in the sand and a little more exploring. Then at the end of the day we turn in our bikes and party tonight as talk about all our great adventures we had.

You came into this trip as one of a group of riders from all over the world. You are leaving today as part of a family, the Ride Free family.

Day 9 –  Departure Day
Head to the Airport today, or let us know if you need any extra nights.

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Guided Tour – Per Person  9 Day 8 Night   10 Day 9 Night    11 Day 10 Night
2 People – 1 Bike – 1 Room $2940  $3516  $3943
2 People – 2 Bikes – 1 Room $4062  $4628  $5194
1 Person – 1 Bike – 1 Room $4883  $5552  $6221

Self Drive Tour    9 Day 8 Night     10 Day 9 Night   11 Day 10 Night
Self Drive -2 People -1 Bike -1 Room – each $1640 $1860 $2080
Self Drive- 2 Drivers -2 Bikes -1 Room, each $2564 $2916 $3268
Self Drive -1 Driver -1 Bike -1 Room $3280 $3720 $4160

We are the OLDEST MOTORCYCLE TOUR COMPANY IN THE USA, since 1993. We are not the largest, fanciest, or most corporate tour company; we are a tight group of friends who love taking you on tour and making new friends from all over the world.  Fully Insured Tour Company.
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Vegas Start = Add $250 return fee

Runs: April – May – June – July – Aug – Sept – Oct

2019  –  While the 9 day tour is sufficient in time, we suggest slowing down more than other companies, and adding a day or two option.
May 4-12, 2019 – California Dreaming Coast with Yosemite Motorcycle Tour – 9 Day (11 day option available )
July 13-21, 2019 – California Dreaming Coast Tour with Yosemite Motorcycle Tour – 9 Day ( 11 day option available )
Sept 1-9, 2019 – California Dreaming Coast Motorcycle Tour and Yosemite – 9 Day ( 11 day option available )

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