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California Explorer Coast and Mountain Motorbike Holiday

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If you want less taking your time and exploring the California Coast on your  Harley Davidson Motorcycle like on this California Explorer Tour, try the

8, 9, 10 Day California Pacific Coast Highway Motorcycle Tour click here  where we don’t slow down and do so many other fun activities and relax as much, but we ride more places like through the California Sierrra Nevada Mountains and Yosemite on our motorcycles.  As well the California Pacific Coast  Highway and San Francisco.

If you want to really slow down, get off your motorcycle more; and really get to know the area and locals….  Have time for lots of other fun things to do besides just riding, then the California Motorcycle Explorer Motorcycle Tour below might be the one for you.

No Meals+No Insurance 4 Day 3 Night 8 Day 7 Night  11 Day 10 Night 15 Day 14 Night
All Inclusive Guided Driver $1996 $3499 $4999 $6980
All Inclusive Guided Passenger $1136 $1990 $2840 $3976
Self Drive Double occupancy $1112 $2180 $2786 $3892
Self Drive Single occupancy $1635 $2790 $3661 $5124

Return fee if not returned to same location: $275.  Day 1 is Arrival and Orientation Day with hotel, tour over when we turn bikes in on last day.

Runs: Year Round

Summer is a great time of year to stay out of the desert.

On the California Explorer Tour, we explore the California Coast, mountains, and great motorcycling roads. We stay in a great home base every other night, or we just have a 1/2 day ride to our next destination. That gives us one day to Explore each area by motorcycle more, go fishing, a hike, or whichever activity you choose that day. I will have different options everyday so each person can be with the group or explore on their own on the Explore Day. You get to slow down and really get to know the people and culture of the area. Everyone on the trip will have input ahead of time on our itinerary and activities.

If there is something you really want to do, let me know, and I will try to fit it in.

     We will explore areas from Southern to Northern California.

This is basically a custom tour made by Ride Free, where everyone has an amount of input.

This is a great tour for veterans of the Ride Free Family, or new people also.

# I can schedule one of these one or two week tours any time of year.

And, they don’t have to be limited to just California, we can branch out no problem.

The Link Below gives you more of a description on places we can go on this Motorcycle Exploration Tour in California.  

     This is similar to the California Dreaming  Motorcycle Tour  Where we also go to Yosemite and the Sierra Nevada Mountains  – 

Check out the Pictures and Videos