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Guided Car Tours

What is included in Fully Guided Tours

  • Harley Davidson- some other makes and models have an extra charge
  • 1st Tour Guide: leads the group on a motorcycle on the tour
  • Lodging,
  • gas on motorcycle tours
  • scheduled National park fees
  • 2nd Tour Guide drives support vehicle.
  • Support Vehicle Carries
    1. Luggage, water, supplies, emergency supplies, tools, etc..
    2. To transport bike in case of breakdown to nearest motorcycle repair shop
    3. Optional spare motorcycle and trailer for bikes

What’s Not Included

-meals : No meals included
Breakfast Not Included: If you see “breakfast included” from another tour company, that tells you they stay in cheap generic hotels with a small breakfast included. Ride Free stays usually at more interesting places. Interesting places don’t always include breakfast. I personally wouldn’t go on any tour if “breakfast included” is listed. That is not a good thing.
Meals: Optional meal plan available on some tours, meals not normally included.
– Airfare
– vehicle insurance waivers
– snacks
-entrance fees to museums. These are a minimal cost usually.
-State or local parks
-any activities or events not mentioned above
– drinks other than water
-anything specifically not stated in what is included.

What’s Included in Riding Light Guided Tours

These are like the Fully Guided Tour, but if there is only a very very small group, just a handful of people, so we can still run a tour for you.
Only one tour guide is included so we can run such a small group.
The group chooses either a guide on a bike or a guide driving the support truck leading.
If the guide in on a bike, then everyone carries their own luggage.