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Classic Guided Car Tours

What is included in Fully Guided Tours

  • Classic Car: like a 1965 Mustang Convertible, 1969 Impala Convertible, or other options available.  Some other options are more expensive. 
  • 1st Tour Guide: leads the group in a car
  • Lodging:  See “Where We Stay” or “Tour FAQ’s” for more details
  • 2nd Tour Guide / Classic Car Mechanic drives the support truck to carry spare parts, tools, and more for the classic car so we can help ensure the cars are monitored and checked over everyday for safety and reliability so you have a successful trip.  If you choose to have 4 people in a car and a lot of luggage, we can also put extra luggage in the support truck. 
  • We guide you each day from neat attraction to attraction, and on the best parts of Rt 66.


    What’s Not Included

    • No Meals Included – We bring you to great places, but you pay your own meals
    • Fuel – different cars take different amounts.  We can give you and estimate of cost.  Prices have fluctuated greatly every year depending on many factors that are out of our control.
    • Airfare
    • Vehicle insurance waivers
    • Entrance Fees to museums, parks, attractions.  These are usually pretty minimal.
    • any activities, taxis and transportation
    • anything not specifically stated in what is included

    Breakfast Not Included: If you see “breakfast included” from another tour company, that tells you they stay in cheap generic hotels with a small breakfast included. Ride Free stays usually at more interesting places. Interesting places don’t always include breakfast. I personally wouldn’t go on any tour if “breakfast included” is listed. That is not a good thing


    What’s Included in Riding Light Guided Tours

    These are like the Fully Guided Tour, but if there is only a very small group, we can do Riding Light so we can still run the tour with a small group for the same price.
    Only one tour guide is included so we can run such a small group.
    The group chooses either a guide in a car or the support truck leading.  
    The trunk of your classic car will be filled with spare parts, spare tire and rim, and more.  The larger cruisers have more trunk space than 1965 Mustangs.  So your large luggage will be in your rear seat in a Riding Light tour. Unless we lead with the support truck, then we can put that in the truck.
    We can also do a fully guided tour with the support truck with a small group, but we have to charge a surcharge compensate for the small group.